351 Industrial Drive  •  Minster OH  •  45865
Phone: 419-628-3825  •  Fax: 419-628-4848

EVA Industrial Garden
Tang Xing Road
Shi Yan Town
Bao An District
Shenzhen, P.R. China
86 1 369 173 8518



EVA Group, China, has designed accountability for the tool market in North America by establishing a local base in Minster Ohio through EVA Tool. EVA Tool, USA works directly with the North American manufacturing market to facilitate communication, engineering, project launch, accounting, and sales support. This allows your company to work domestically and still benefit financially from securing lower cost so you can maintain stateside production.

EVA TOOL :: 351 Industrial Drive :: Minster :: Ohio :: 45865 :: PH: (419)628-3825 :: Fax: (419)628-4848